Rent Strike!

Rent strike/general strike 2020. We are all fucked.

Vancouver Rent Strike

Rent Strike Vancouver provides decentralized access to resources and information to help those interested in striking make informed decisions. As buildings strike, we can build momentum and solidarity – however until then many of us still cant pay our rent. Rent Strike Vancouver comes in to fill this gap and empower tenants to participate in a general city wide rent strike.

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Seattle Rent Strike

Around the country, as people lose their jobs and wonder how they will pay their rent or mortgage, the words rent strike are being heard more and more.

Keep Your Rent Edmonton

When government crisis supports are insufficient and landlords don’t extend you the financial forgiveness they receive, keep your rent on the 1st of the month! #keepyourrent #rentstrikeyeg

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Keep Your Rent GUELPH

This group is exclusively for people who are interested in organizing for Keep Your Rent Guelph. This means tenants will not pay their rent April 1st.

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Halifax Tenants' Union

This is a place for folks who are interested in strengthening tenants' rights in the city and the province through discussion, education, advocacy, organizing and direct action. We want this to be an active group that is working on mutual aid and building community power around this issue.

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Rent Strike Kingston

In an effort to prevent mass evictions and foreclosures as a result of this unprecedented emergency, tenants and homeowners in our community have committed to calling for a rent and mortgage freeze

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Rent Strike Niagara

No person should have to fear losing their housing amidst a global pandemic. No person should have to endanger their health and safety, and the health and safety of others, to pay rent.

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COVID-19 Rent Strike Ottawa

We have come together, tenants, and our allies from across the City, of all backgrounds to demand that there be a province-wide freeze on rents. Many of us have lost our jobs, were already unemployed or have had our hours reduced as a result of the massive amount of layoffs because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Montreal Rent Strike

Poor, unemployed, laid-off, precarious, undocumented, contract and other workers — all of us who live month-to-month — will not be able to pay rent this April 1st. Many of us were struggling to pay rent before this crisis hit, and are likely already behind. In a perspective of direct action and social solidarity, ALL tenants can refuse to pay rent on April 1st.

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Renters Action Movement - Calgary

The Renters’ Action Movement (RAM) is a recently formed grassroots group created to mobilize tenants to advance our common interests. Join us!

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Parkdale Organize
Toronto, Ontario

On April 1 we are keeping our rent. Some of us have run out of money or don’t have much left. Some of us are hoping things don’t get worse. Some of us may be ok right now, telling ourselves things will work out. But none of us knows for sure. What we do know is people are getting sick. People are losing their jobs or are having their hours cut.

Herongate Tenant Coalition
Ottawa, Ontario

Now is the time to get organized to #keepyourrent. We have 10 days until April 1. Start talking to your neighbours safely (this means no door knocking, handing out flyers or sharing pens), putting up posters, & join the facebook group

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Keep Your Rent Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

Before COVID19, tenants across Canada were struggling to make ends meet. We were already in the midst of the worst affordable housing crisis in the country’s history. Wages and social assistance rates are too low. Rent is too high. Here in Hamilton, this pressure was becoming unbearable. 45% of Hamilton tenants were spending more than 30% of our income on rent, and 20% of us were spending more than 50%. And it was only getting worse – in 2018, Hamilton saw the highest one-year average rent increase in all of Canada, at 24%.

PDX Rent Strike
Portland, Oregon

Portland is demanding an immediate rent suspension until the COVID-19 threat passes. Residents throughout Portland, and Oregon as a whole, are experiencing loss of jobs and wages. Our vulnerable and homeless and houseless communities are facing a severely heightened health risk. Our disabled community is facing higher medical costs. Everyone has been affected by this. We cannot afford to pay our rent on April 1st. We will not be able to afford to pay it retroactively. Portland is made of hard-working residents who can barely afford their rent under normal circumstances, let alone in this crisis.

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